Sex in islam

Sex in islam

WOW! 11 Ways To Get Your Wife HORNY!

A lot of husbands complain that their wive is NOT in the mood for sex. So are there ways to get her wanting you? The information below is from page 132 from Enjoy Amazing Halal Sex

1.Sexting describe what you will do to her refer to chapter titled how to turn your woman on.

2.Hot baths Get Her to take a long HOT bath this will relax her easily, awaken her sexual energy and make her more easily aroused to sex. She could even hint saying she wants sex by stating she is gonna have a long hot bath.

3.Text to Her sex scenes of romance novels and erotica stories. of you two having steamy sex. Burrow passages from hot stories and replace the character names with you and her. Put a book mark on them. Or stick her favorite scene on the wall above the headboard so she reads it just before she goes bed.

4.Kiss her long romantically gently slowly without touching her anywhere sexually. The longer she enjoys the kiss and melts into it the more aroused she will become.

5.Sensual massage involves gentle massaging of the vagina, labia majora, clitoris and buttocks area inserting two fingers into her vagina whilst she relaxes lying down on her stomach.

6.Smelling great always when you get back from work wear good perfume and check your breath.

7.Suck lick her nipples gently she should feel excited down below. To get her fired up wild Lick/suck her nipples then start stroking her clitoris at the same time. My man woke me up at night doing this to me, and I wanted his cock inside me so bad.

8.Change of environment/bed this allows her to be free from being responsible for the family, the house her job. The more beautiful the environment the easier aroused she becomes.

9.Romance read my chapter on touch her heart and she’ll let you touch her vagina.

10.Talk dirty in her ear in a slow smooth deep voice.

11.Act confident as you speak as this is a huge turn on for women.

So there you have it brothers 11 Ways to get her in the mood for sex.

How Women Can Enjoy Sex More?

How Women Can Enjoy Sex More?


In my book Enjoy Amazing Halal Sex I talk about the various types of ways the husband can make his wife orgasm.

One Powerful way is to change the type of penetration. Changing the ways he penetrates his wife makes the experience orgasmic for her and him.

There are so many ways he can penetrate his wife to make sex unforgettable for the both of them.

1.Hard he penetrates with one hard thrust followed by a pause.

2.Fast This is used when she is about to orgasm. Or it can be used with the other four combinations like Fast and Hard or Fast then slow

3.Slow If he wants to make sex last longer then he should start slow and take his time.

4.Shallow for more check out what I mean by shallow and why in my book Enjoy Amazing Halal Sex.


He could start slow, then move to fast and shallow, then Hard and deep, Hard deep and fast then slow shallow.

A lot of husbands can become skillful lovers just by varying the type of penetration.

People share with your spouse and practice this tip when you have sex.

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Layla Author of Enjoy Amazing Halal Sex



Sex in islam:Top 5 Ways For Wives To Enjoy Sex More

Sex in islam:Top 5 Ways For Wives To Enjoy Sex More


5.The tortoise wins the race

Alot of husbands just do not listen to their wives when they say slowly before entering her. By the way if she’s saying this before entering. He has not performed foreplay properly at all or long enough. She of course is afraid of being hurt. Of course The slower he goes the longer he’ll last. the tortoise wins the race.

4.Halal Vibrator

Having sex on a washing machine turns the penis into a life size vibrator. Vibrator maybe haram but your husband’s penis the real deal is far better.

3.Spread Some

Spread Nutella chocolate over her body (breasts/nipples) lick  and suck it off

2.Lights Down!

One reason women can’t relax during sex is body image keep lights low use a candle

1.Know The Alphabet

Write the alphabet with your tongue whilst licking her pussy. This beats just going up and down. Do a figure 8. Write your name on it. If this doesn’t get her juices goin nothing will.

So there you have it. What are you waiting for? Get in her and apply these 5 tips NOW! 

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How To Prolong Sex For Wives?

How To Prolong Sex For Wives?

wedding night in islam

Salam married peeps,

You’re having sex  and just getting started and he has just climaxed!

This is a common problem alot of women tell me they have in their marriages

Some wives have gone for years in their marriage without having their desires fulfilled.

Here’s a few tips to make it last longer.

1.Make him come

Ladies if you think you’re gonna have sex offer to give him a hand job first give him at least an hour to get hard and then have sex.

The second time around he will be able to last longer as he will be less stimulated by the sexual stimulation.

2.More sex!

In rhamadhaan we get Soooooo hungry then when it comes to breaking our fast we find that a little food takes away the hunger.

The more food we eat the less we can enjoy its taste. Our senses are heightened when…

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11 Places To Enjoy Halal Sex

11 Places To Enjoy Halal Sex

You’ve probably heard predictability is boring. And there is no doubt that when sex becomes predictable it becomes boring and a chore.

Apart from the bed in your room where else have you had sex? I’m not talking about public places as that’s clearly haram.

Here are a few places you can have sex to bring excitement in.

1.In the bathroom

2.In a house rented jackuzzi 

3.On the washing machine

4.On the dining table 

5.In a big home ball pit 

6.In a garden tent (where barriers allow noone to hear or see you) 

7.On a water bed 

8.On a trampoline (at home) 

9.on the living room carpet 

10.In a hotel room swimming pool you’ve privately rented out 

11.On two living room sofas that have been put together to make a bed. Or buy a sofa bed. That way you can comfortably have sex on it.  

Do you know what the crazy part is?

Before having sex if you make the intention it’s for preserving your chastity then each act where you do it becomes charity.

For more Halal Sex ideas please order Enjoy Amazing Halal Sex on Amazon 

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How To Talk About Sex With Your Spouse?

How To Talk About Sex With Your Spouse?


When was the last time you had a discussion about sex with your spouse?  Or is it once it’s over it’s over and forgotten about til next time?

I believe as married couples it’s healthy to talk about sex.

Ask her Baby what do you enjoy me doing to you during sex?

What don’t you enjoy me doing?

What do you want me/need me to do during sex?

The wife might reply that she likes him to go slow and smooth, to change the speed of the penetration which can make a HUGE difference. One minute it’s slow and shallow to slow and deep. The next minute it’s fast, Hard, Deep. Other times it could be Fast and shallow. Please refer to Enjoy Amazing Halal Sex to find out what happens when the husband penetrates his wife shallow.

He might reply saying he loves her to dance and act seductive.

Just read a sex guide together and discuss it in bed as a couple